Lauren's Story

Today i found out i am 5 and 1/2 weeks pregnant. I have an appointment on Monday to get my abortion. Im nervous and i need some one to talk to it about. My story is a messed up one. Its hard.

I was with a man older then myself. He is thirty-eight and i am eighteen. It seemed like a great relationship. Wow, an older man. This is great. He's so mature. Right? Wrong. One night after we had sex, he rolled over and said " I have to tell you something, I'm married and I have two children."

I was in disbelief. He said he loved me. I was so stupid. I'm usually not this stupid. I told him I had to stop seeing him. He said he understood. Now, its a little after christmas and I get a cold. Thats understandable, except i've had it for almost 4 weeks. Ummm , there is something strange here. Im nausiated in the morning, dizzy, Ive been gaining and loosing weight. My friend talks me into taking a pregnancy test. Its positive.

Suddenly my entire world changes and comes to a halt. Am I ready for such a responsibility? Monitarily? Emotionally? I asked myself many questions. They all seemed to say no. So I ran to my closet ( where i keep my books) and I find my DEAL WITH IT ! book. It's a book put out by It gives me some information on Abortions. Abortions, wow. My grandfather is a priest. Will I go to Hell? Putting the religious convictions I decide I have to call the father. He says Abortion. Ive read every story in this gallery, read numerous sites. So Monday January 20th ,I will have had my first abortion at 1:00 pm. I've made the appointment.

Now all I've got left is to hope, wonder and to wait. Waiting is the hardest thing. But, I know this is right.

Lauren - 18- California
14 January 2003

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