Jen's Story

Never did I think this could happen to me, but it did at the age of 15. Me and my 1st serious boyfriend was together for almost 2 yrs and that summer my parents thought it would be a good idea to split us apart that was in August. Then the end of September I found out at my first ob/gyn appointment I WAS PREGNANT!!!! I was in a great deal of shock but that wasn't all they told me. I was in my second trimester 14 weeks. I heard the heartbeat and saw the ultrasound pics and still have them to this day.

So I told my mom at the doc's office and so I called my ex and he wasn't supportive at all, he had a new girlfriend and everything. After I told him, he quit his job and quit school, and told me to do whatever cause the baby wasn't his and said cause we had been spilt up for almost two months. So knowing that and wanting this baby to have a good life wasn't turning into a fair tale. Well I talked to my parents and three days later I was in the clinic. I was very upset, nervous, and knowing I was having to grow up so fast. Well that was 3 years ago and I will never forget but I'm glad I have a second chance now to get through my life.

13 November 2002

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