Angel's Story

I just wanted to say that if you are pregnant and you don’t know what to do, ask only yourself! This is absolutely your decision and no one else can make it for you. This is your body and your baby. I am 15 years old and very mature for my age. I believe I am mentally and physically ready for a baby…. but not financially ($$). When I was pregnant, I was so very happy and overwhelmed. Although I felt extremely special and I knew I had a little baby in my tummy, I had an abortion my 10th week of pregnancy. I knew it would be best for my boyfriend and our family. My boyfriend and I wanted to keep the baby, but our parents didn't.

Now I cry all the time thinking about my baby and wishing I would have kept it. I regret terminating my pregnancy. I should have made sure that I wanted to do that, because I wish I had a second chance to explain to our parents that we want to keep the baby. My advice to you is : Make sure whatever you decide is Your decision. Don’t let anyone make it for you. Although most of the responsibility will be on your parents and you and your boyfriend will struggle, make sure you do what you wanna do.

6 January 2003

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"No person is your friend (or kin) who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow and be perceived as fully blossomed as you were intended. Or who belittles in any fashion the gifts you labor so to bring into the world."
- Alice Walker